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John Dewitt Clothing by Designer C.Jones

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Newest Fashion and the Hottest Designer Shirts by JohnDewitt Clothing

New fashion is on the rise and is always revolving. Life is changing by the minute, Creativity, Style, and expression is what Cliff Jones of JohnDewittClothing is giving the people. Based out of South Jersey. Cliff Jones created this new age of shirts from a vision. Using his fathers first name (John) and his own middle name (Dewitt) coming up with this new line building what he believes is a powerful testiment that through all that life has to offer you can still dream and succeed. Rest in Peace John M.Jones

New Custom Urban Fashion By Cliff Jones called JohnDewitt Clothing

It's not just a look. It's how you feel and "WhatItDo"

New line looking for retail buyers and sales reps.

These prices our exclusive.

Contact me

(856)562-1909 for orders or by e-mailing

Allow 2 weeks of shipping for your delivery after payment is recieved for orders.

Money back guarantee

JohnDewitt Polo Shirts also COMING SOON

Also available Just Dewitt T-shirts

 Latest News... 2010 Oppty Knocking. Conecting you,your family,your friends...your $$ on all your essential bills.

2009..Oppty....please check out

NEW!!!!! 2008 New Affilliate..

Brilliant Castings Agency, and Commission Nights.ND AND ASSOCIATES....Celebrites Cruise shirts designed by John Dewitt Clothing

Celebrity X Cruise shirts..too many celebrities to name...

8/12/07 JohnDewitt Clothing shirts ARRIVE in USA BLUES ,....USA BLUES store in the Oxford Valley Mall

John Dewitt Clothing Skull Series shirts are now available

6/4/2007 Hot 97 Summer Jam concert Rap Artist Nucci Reyo who performed as the opener for the show in Giants Stadium, wears JohnDewitt Skulls series and New Jerzee shirts for opening festivities..

G States own Nucci Reyo is the Official Rap Artist wearing this New Brand....Thanks Nucci

5/1/07 John Dewitt Clothing is now Available at Urbanoloy Store in Woodbury, New Jersey contact

3/25/2007 Rap Group IllStatus just Co-Signed JohnDewitt Clothing (Official Rap Group Affiliates)

2/1/2007 Designer Cliff Jones now becomes affiliated with Stallion "The New Breed" Sportswear" check out website

Design your own shirts


USA BLUES stores you can find John Dewitt Clothing

C.Jones CEO /Founder of John Dewitt Clothing Store Debut @ USA BLUES OXFORD VALLEY MALL ,PA..".Don't just think average,think BIG,thinkJig,,Be Great in 08 and Beyond"

John Dewitt Clothing NEW JERSEY Product of Ur Enviroment Shirt ...Can come in ALL STATES

JohnDewitt MOTIV shirts $38.00

New JohnDewitt's New Jerzee Rhinestone T-shirt $32.00

NEW SHIRT........"MOTIV" Motivation T-shirt

Coming Soon in 2009 JD's Swagga Shirts

JohnDewitt's Skull Series Signature T-shirt $32.00

The skull series collection by Cliff Jones represents the past and the future lifes of great people that influenzed you. That life is given to each and everyone of us and we all have the ability to do great things. "3x3" series enables a person to think of the # 9 which is the designers favorite number

!!NEW NEW John Dewitt Clothing "Meet MR.BOJANGELS Sammy Davis Jr.. shirt $32.00 ......$5 of this goes to a local scholarship fund

JohnDewitt's Skull series Short Sleeve $32.00

JohnDewitt''s Official spokesman G-States own Indie Rap Artist Nucci Reyo..........Please check him out @

MOTIVATION shirts $28.99

JohnDewitt's "King of the Mountain" $32.00

JohnDewitt Skull Series Signature T-shirts $32.00

Back of "King of the Mountain" Custom shirt

RapArtist Nucci Reyo Photo Shoot wearing John Dewitt Clothing shirts




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